Trendy Color Suggestions for your Winter Wardrobe

During this wintry and dreary time of the year, it’s conventional to stick with the classic neutral tones like black, nude, or charcoal grey. You cannot go wrong with these safe looks. But why wouldn’t you take a bold step out of your comfort zone to get yourself some trendy and colorful outfits? These color suggestions will make your winter much more delightful yet still fashionable. 


A dark red color which reminds us of Christmas, and romance! This color blends perfectly well with any neutral tones, especially black, white and shades of grey. 

Burgundy adds a bold yet classy touch to any look. Whether you’re looking to add a few burgundy accessories or a pair of outstanding boots to your collection, this is the perfectly joyful tone to paint your winter wardrobe with.

Mustard Yellow 

An array of sunshine is exactly what you need on these chilly winter days. This shade of yellow evokes a sense of robustness, but still bespeaks elegance and style. It complements a wide variety of skin tones and goes well with many different clothing colors. 

You have a mustard sweater? Try styling it with grey skinny jeans and ankle boots. 

If you want a bold and confident look, mustard yellow pants are just perfect. flared pants or flattering high-waisted trousers. Tone down the yellow by wearing them with neutral tops such as black or white. Or you can go ahead and match with purple or pink for an adventurous fit. 

Forest Green (Emerald)

The tone of dark verdant hue conjures up serene imagery of pine forests, junipers, and evergreens. There is no greater choice than an emerald piece of clothing painting the wintry picture with a youthful shade of green. 

You can create tons of inventive, eye-catching ensembles with forest green clothing articles. This conifer-inspired color exceptionally thrives in fun textures such as faux leather, faux fur, or tweed.

Furthermore, it’s also a palatable replacement for basic colors like black, grey, and navy if you’re looking for a subtle change in style. 

I hope these bold yet versatile color suggestions inspired you to give your winter wardrobe an invigorating boost. Remember, no matter what you wear, self-confidence is the best outfit. Rock it and own it! 

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